Independent Artists, this is for YOU! Read on….

When we discover something epic, we 100% have to share it!
Especially anything that we feel is going to benefit YOU, the independent artist.

Allow us to introduce IAIMA.

‘What is IAIMA?’ We hear you ask. 

Well firstly, IAIMA stands for: 

I Am an Independent Music Artist. 

‘And why is IAIMA relevant to me,’ you say?

You’re an independent artist doing a lot of what a music career requires, by yourself! And you’ll probably agree that it’s pretty tough going for a lot of the time right? Well this is why you guys need IAIMA.

IAIMA is an ultimate resource for independent music artists.

From amazing content in the form of videos, articles & podcasts, to artists and industry experts sharing their insight and experiences to help you move forward in your career.

IAIMA believe it is possible to create a sustainable and fulfilling career as an independent artist and they would love to be a part of your journey.

So have a click of the video below and let the founders Bianca Rose and Loretta Andrews tell you a little bit more. 

These ladies are incredible! They have a passion and the heart to help you so follow their work and make use of everything they have to offer.
Social media FB, IG, Twitter: @weareiaima