Instagram Success – It’s in the Details

With 800 million users, Instagram is a great social media platform to build your online network and community.
But the question is,‘as an artist, how do you use Instagram as effectively as possible, and cut through all the noise?’

Take a read of our top Instagram tips!:

Be a Storyteller

Use your Instagram photos and videos to tell your story and think about what you want to show your followers. Think THEMES e.g. Songwriting Sessions, Photoshoots, Recording Sessions, Live Performances etc. Your fans/followers want to be a part of your journey so take them on it!

Your Artist Image/Identity

So this is something we at UA talk about a lot – Brand / Artist Identity! Think about things like colours, fonts, logo’s, basically everything that makes you – THE ARTIST. You might choose to post everything in black and white for example but be intentional about the choices you make.

Consistency is Key

Remember that you’re trying to build followers so post to Instagram consistently, 1-3 times a day. And if you want to get more detailed, there’s a cool app called Prime for Instagram that calculates which times of the day are best for you to post.
Being inconsistent could actually cause you to lose followers so keep the content coming. This can be hard as an independent artist doing everything yourself so use cool apps like Hootsuite which allows you to schedule your social media. Spend half an hour in the morning scheduling what you want to say over the day. Hootsuite

Use the Correct Hashtags

Think about the hashtags that are most relevant to what you are your brand are about. Think about what your followers are interested in and searching for on Instagram. You can find out more by using the explore page which will tell you popular your chosen hashtag is, but also suggest related hashtags for you to consider using.

Get Engaged

Engagement is the way to keep your fans /followers interested. Get them involved by asking them questions, getting them to comment on your pics/videos. This is known as a call-to-action e.g. you post a pic from a beautiful part of the world captioned ‘where’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to,? comment below.’

Post at the Key Times

Given that your fans/followers will be in different time zones, you need to post morning, afternoon and afternoon to make sure you’re reaching everyone. You need to make sure you’re posting your content at the right time. Again check out the app above Prime For Instagram.

So there you have it, a few top tips to get you started.

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