Mental Health Awareness

‘Strength in Mind = Success in Music’

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and we know all too well how many artists are suffering with some kind of mental health challenge.
Ultimate Artists is passionate about developing artists not just professionally, but perhaps most importantly, holistically too. Mental wellbeing We strive to offer artists a place where they can come and just be free to speak and open up, without the fear of being judged.

So we teamed up with UA’s longstanding partner, O2’s Go Think Big, to host an evening of discussion and live music at London’s renowned venue Old St Records.
Our panel of experts including Wellbeing Practitioner & Therapist Denise Winn, Mindset Coach Lisa Hawkyard, UA Director’s Joshua Alamu & Sheena Ladwa, and Singer/Songwriter Julius Cowdrey, were on hand to help and give advice.

What we saw that night was truly moving! Artists from all walks of life supporting each other, showing an immense amount of courage in opening up and speaking out about thir own struggles with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, thought provoking questions, and some invaluable advice shared.
Our stunning line up of artists Brogan Murphy, SheIsFaber, Katie Kittermaster, SoPHIA, and Julius, had everyone wanting more. They left everything on the stage giving nothing but emotion and sincerity. Some of them even shared their own stories about anxiety, depression, the thoughts of the people around the sufferer.

To watch video links of the advice given on ‘why you might be suffering from anxiety, how to deal with your anxiety, causes of depression’ and much more click here.
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