My Artist Experience

“Ultimate Artist has really affected my life in such a positive light and has shown me what I’m really capable off if I let go off fear and doubt”

Hi my name is Kadian Foster, I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Kent and I wanted to share my experience of Ultimate Artist from my first encounter, how my involvement with them has allowed me to develop, and my progression since leaving UA.

I’ve been singing since primary school up until this point; but I think the moment Irealised that it was serious and I wanted to make it a long term career was at the age of 11. From recording youtube covers in my 2 years of college, performing in various venues such as Hideaway Jazz Club, Boxpark Croydon but most importantly the 02 shop in Westfield singing my original songs through 02 ThinkBig for Music Month led me to discovering Ultimate Artist.

On the 02 Think Big website there was an ad about a workshop run by Joshua Alamu that I had to sign up for, kind of like an online audition where I had to”link” a video of me performing. I was so close to not signing up because Im an anxious person and I didn’t think I would get picked, the opportunity seemed way too good to be true for me; however somehow I let go off that and just realised that there was really no harm me just trying.

And so I did and got accepted to attend, however little did I realise that besides the workshop it was also an audition which consisted of 2 rounds in order to receive a scholarship to attend the 10 day music residential

Fast forward since then Ultimate Artist has really affected my life in such a positive light and has shown me what I’m really capable off if I let go off fear and doubt. It has allowed me to build such great friendships in general but also in a industry that can be very lonely and leave you second guessing, however I feel like I really do have people that I can not just talk to but really relate on a level where I really do feel understood because it’s a tough industry.

My favourite part of the 10 days was when we got in groups and had to write a song which was just such a great experience, I felt like I was at a writing camp which was a great feeling; we wrote such a great song. I also really enjoyed the duet performance with Annie for the UA showcase, we were a really good team in terms of choreography and I think we delivered the song pretty well.

Songwriting Workshop at UA

My progress since leaving UA has been great, I am currently studying Commercial Songwriting at ACM London which so far is going well, it’s allowing me to refine my skills, learn new techniques to develop my lyrical writing and network with other musicians. I’ve also started a writing team with friends I met during the intensive music course which is going really well, this is something I really wanted before I even heard about UA so the fact that it’s happening is really exciting and shows me that things do and can work out but I don’t think it would have happened without Ultimate Artists.

In a nutshell being apart for the UA community is just such a blessing the mentors: Sheena, Joshua, Eva, Aamir and everyone else that had not only helped out on the 10 days but also the mini workshops held at 02 Think Big are just amazing and caring people who want nothing but the best for up and and coming artists to succeed in the right way possible. Many thanks to 02 Think Big for believing in me enough to sponsor me and I wish nothing but great things for the new artists that discover UA it is definitely a community to be apart of.

Kadian FosterĀ