The UA Mission

‘The Ultimate Artists mission is to inspire artists and help them learn to develop healthy mindsets, that will aid towards a belief in their talent and most importantly in themselves.
By using music as the vehicle to stimulate and motivate the artist into taking small positive steps in the right direction that lead to big results.
This is done within a safe and nurturing environment where; vision, discipline, the love of learning and the freedom to make mistakes are championed.’

The Ultimate Artists development programme functions on a holistic foundation that develop and progress our artists by focusing on both the ‘inner’ level of managing anxiety, dealing with depression, self-belief and self-worth and the ‘outer’ level of singing, writing, performance, music production, music business and artist brand awareness.

Through this challenging yet encouraging environment, artists can enjoy music with the freedom to make mistakes and explore their creativity. Working within groups, with our industry recognised mentors has a profound effect our artists confidence and well-being.

Our emphasis on mental health is reflected through guided on-going support and engagement with qualified therapists and mind-set coaches that provide help for artists to work through unresolved emotional issues that music in its very nature, can and often will bring to the surface.

Our own Professional Development as mentors in the area of Mental Health issues like Anxiety and Depression is just as important to us and we strive to continually educate ourselves in order to be best equipped to help artists within our UA community and further outreaches.

Student artists are referred to us by our partners with whom we have ongoing professional relations, these includes O2’s Go Think Big, Capital XTRA’s Music Potential and the Urban Youth Foundation who all work with vulnerable young people facing a variety of complex needs including mental health difficulties and unemployment.

UA is committed to providing our student artists with an outstanding experience championing diversity and equality, ongoing support outside of the residential with access to a wide range of advice, guidance and support.