Think without Limits, Sing without Limits!

On Sunday the 9th of October, we held a singing workshop with a motley crew of singers seeking to learn new things and understand what else they could do to develop further. 

Vocal development is such an individual journey and everyone is at different stages of that journey, but there are 3 really important things to be conscious of in order to manifest the results you desire: they are (1) enjoying every stage of that journey, (2) keeping an eye on your destination / goals and (3) being open minded in order to learn and grow. These 3 principles must go hand in hand. 

I believe that the holy grail of singing is that, we want to be able to freely express ourselves and this was where we started the workshop. “What does it take for us to be able to freely express ourselves?”The answers the attendees provided were both insightful and helpful to anyone on this life long road of freedom of expression, especially where singing is concerned. 

The ability to feel safe – I love using the analogy of a volleyball game. If a game of volley ball is played on the sand, one is more willing to take the dive for a ball. If the same game is played on concrete, one is less willing (if at all) to take a dive for the ball. In other words, when you feel safe in your vocal development environment, you are so much more willing to try and commit to new vocal sensations and ideas, because you feel safe to do so. You are able to enjoy the fact that no one is judging you and this is extremely important for vocal success. 

Self belief – (say “YES I CAN” …. ALWAYS). 

To know your “why” – the combination of what you do along with ‘why’ you do it, is a powerful motivating and empowering force to be reckoned with.

Self acceptance – to love every facet of your voice. I believe that loving your voice is the same as loving yourself. 

To know your instrument well – these means learning & studying about it, in order to know it, understand it and use it better. 

To not be afraid – of anything. 

Positive affirmation –  that it’s ok to be you, mistakes and all.

Making the learning process fun – enjoying every moment no matter the moment. 

These were just some of the answers that came together. These revelations laid the foundations that the singers needed to break past any fears that they had and throw themselves fully into the moment, where they could make mistakes, learn and grow all at the same time. The results were incredible and fulfilling for everyone involved including myself. 

Have a look for yourself: Become A Vocal Trailblazer Workshop 

The next workshop is on the 13th of November with Julie and Richard, who are a dynamic duo and specialise in performance coaching and musical theatre. They coach many Westend performers and are highly respected in their field.

Click here to find out more and be there yourself .

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