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The beautiful thing about the Ultimate Artists development programme is that we literally see the future faces of music coming through our doors. At Ultimate Artists Classes of 2016  & 17, we were joined by the fabulous Katie Kittermaster! She came in as a singer in 2016, and left writing songs! She came back in 2017 to develop her artistry and since leaving has just gone from strength to strength. We have no doubts you’ll be seeing much more of this young star and before she gets too busy for us, we caught up with the lovely Katie to find out more about what she’s been up to since leaving Ultimate Artists.

‘Katie can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you come from and when you first started singing?’

‘My name is Katie Kittermaster. I am 17 and currently live in Kent. Due to my fathers job, we have travelled around a little and this meant that we spent 3 years in Dubai. Dubai was great fun and was were I had a few opportunities that definitely fuelled my passion for performing. I was lucky enough to have the chance to sing live on television when I was 11, perform to Ricky Martin, 50Cent and Eva Longoria among others at the Global Gift Gala and finally to open the Help for Heroes Event at the British Embassy. I feel very lucky to have done these things.
My first ever public performance singing however was at my school nativity play when I sang a solo of Away in a Manger! I still have the video to prove it!!’

‘How did you come across Ultimate Artists?’

‘I was very lucky to be put in touch with Ultimate Artists via my manager Kevin Reynolds. This was 3 years ago now. Kevin suggested that I contact Joshua Alamu because he felt that he could help nurture my vocal ability. He also told me about the Ultimate Artists programme. I had no idea things like Ultimate Artists existed and was so excited to attend the first course nearly 2 years ago.’

‘What does Ultimate Artists mean to you?’

‘UA is the most supportive network of professionals that have helped encourage and develop me. The programme has made me a stronger artist and has given me the confidence to be me. The programme has also meant that I have met some incredible artists who I have learnt from but that I can also call my friends. It does not feel competitive – it feels supportive. Ultimate Artists is like a family. I know that sounds a bit cheesy but that is what it feels like. I have also learnt via the team at Ultimate Artists that it’s OK to make mistakes…in fact that it’s good to make mistakes. It’s good to try new things, it’s healthy to experiment and that humility and gratitude are everything.
I love music. I get a huge buzz out of performing and writing and for me, this isn’t about fame, it is about getting my music heard. ‘

‘You have your new song ‘T-Shirt’ out, can you tell us what the inspiration for it was?’

‘I am not sure if it is just a girl thing or not….but the inspiration behind this song is based on my own experiences. I have had a couple of serious boyfriends and I love to wear their oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts. It’s as though I adopt their wardrobes when we are together… sadly when things part it is one of the only things we can hold on to. Their smell still lingers, the memories can be visualised, it’s the one thread of hope left that they might come back.’

Watch the official music video for ‘T-Shirt’

‘You’re an incredibly hard working artist; performing, writing, and recording, but you’re also at school too, tell us how you manage to balance everything?’

‘It is hard at times but I try and get the balance right. I have to work at school as it doesn’t come naturally. I love to party and be with my friends too…and essential part of growing up! But music isn’t a job for me; it isn’t something I have to be told to go and do. The moment I come home from school, I cannot wait to pick up my guitar and start writing. I find writing helps me express myself and how I am feeling. I have 6 new songs that I have written but I just haven’t had time to pop to the local studio and demo them yet! I am not the sort of person to get stressed (I leave that to my mum). I am taking it slowly as I know there is no rush. I do what I can when I can and don’t view life as a competition or a race.’

Ultimate Artists Katie Kittermaster

‘Can you tell us what else you have planned for 2018, and what we can look forward to?’

‘I have a number of gigs booked in this summer so far. I have been booked for The Big Day Out in Brighton and in Maidstone. I sang at the Maidstone event last year – singing on the same stage as Louisa Johnson was quite a buzz. I wasn’t really expecting the crowd to be that large – I think there were over 14K people there!! This year I will share the stage with Scouting For Girls (love them) and Alexandra Burke as well as Grace Davies and others. I will be doing a 40 minute set and cannot wait!
I am also doing Woodlands Festival, The Milk Fest, Hops and Harvest, 110 Above and headlining at Bloomsburys. There is talk of a trip to the US to record a remix of Kaleidoscope with an artist called Moka Blast as well as some writing (I am really keen to collaborate and learn as much as I can this year).’

‘Where can we find out more about you?’

Twitter @kkittermaster
Facebook @kkittermaster
Instagram @katiekittermastermusic

‘And finally, what would you say to anyone considering coming to the Ultimate Artists Development Programme but isn’t quite sure?’

‘Do it – it’s a game changer!’

Listen to the song and support the incredible Katie. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her!
To find out more about the Ultimate Artists development programme and developing your artistry click here : https://ultimateartists.co.uk/invest-in-your-artistry/ ‎
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